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Vent Filter


A vent filter is used to filter the incoming air on a receiver when it ventilates.

At Ultrafilter, we have different types of vent filters. From removal of water to sterilisation of the vented air.

Vent filter against water

Our most simple vent filter is a container with silica gel that can be mounted on the receivers vent connection. This filter is primarily protecting against water.

Sterile vent filter P-BE

If you want to maintain sterility in your receiver, we offer a P-BE tank filter. The filter consists of a stainless filter housing and a filter element with borosilicate media.

The filter is used to ensure 100% sterility while storing pharmaceutical products, chemicals, food or fermentation.

The two-part filter housing has a user-friendly design and has "splash protection" that prevents liquids coming into contact with the filter media.

Sterile vent filter PTFE

We also offer a simpler sterile solution in the form of a compact PTFE membrane that can be attached directly on the vent connection of the receiver.

Type Connection  Filter Filtration
P-BE DN 32 - DN 200 Depthfilter 0,2 my
Ventfilter ½" Absolute Filter 0,1 / 0,2 my 
Tank åndingsfilter 3/4" Desicant filter Reducing water