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Silicone-free filter

Billede: 1390

Ultrafilter "High performance" depth filter to remove water and oil aerosols and particles from compressed air and gases. Free of separating agents and silicone. These filters are specially developed to lacquer and optical applications..


Thanks to the unique combination of binding free, non-woven nanofibres and pleating technology, which achieved a reduction in energy costs of up to 70%, and an improved filtration performance.


The new nanofiber material from the ultrafilter is oleophobic, which means that the oil and water active rejected, resulting in lower operational costs which the differential pressure is reduced to a minmum compared to a conventional filter element.


  • - 450% more filter media over standard elements
  • - Free of release agents
  • - Silicone free
  • - Lower differential pressure
  • - Improved filtration efficiency
  • - Larger dirt-capturing capacity
  • - 70% less energy costs



Type Filtration rate Effectivity Residual oil content at an inlet of 3 mg/m3 Max. differential pressure Start-up differential pressure
PEP 25 my 99% N/A 2 bar at 20°C 0,01 bar
FFP 0,01 my 99,999% 0,1 mg/m3 5 bar at 20°C 0,04 bar
MFP 0,01 my 99,99998% 0,03 mg/m3 5 bar at 20°C 0,08 bar
SMFP 0,01 my 99,99999% <0,01 mg/m3 5 bar at 20°C 0,09 bar
 AKP N/A N/A 0,003 mg/m3 2 bar at 20°C 0,07 bar