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Ultrafilter Elements

Trykluft Filterelementer

Advanced pleating mixed with Nano technology makes this "High Performance" filter much more effective than a standard filter when the filter area is 450% higher at almost the same amount of space.

The benefits of using this type of filter is low differential pressure, 70% lower energy costs and improved efficiency of filtration, that also has a larger particle-catching capacity.

We recommend that you use a two-stage filtration with prefilter PE (25 micron particle filter) or SB (5, 25, or 50my particulate filter), to final filtration is used either a FF, MF or SMF filter element.

Type Filtration rate Effectivity Residual oil content at an inlet of 3 mg/m³ Max. differential pressure Start-up differential pressure
PE 25 my 99% N/A 2 bar at 20°C 0,01 bar
FF 0,01 my 99,999% 0,1 mg/m3 5 bar at 20°C 0,04 bar
MF 0,01 my 99,99998% 0,03 mg/m3 5 bar at 20°C 0,08 bar
SMF 0,01 my 99,99999% <0,01 mg/m3 5 bar at 20°C 0,09 bar
AK N/A N/A 0,003 mg/m3 2 bar at 20°C 0,07 bar

PE / SB Filter elements

These high-quality filter elements are made with the finest pleating technology and aluminium endcaps. They are unique in the industry with their low differential pressure.

The PE filter elements are made from sintered polyethylene filter media, and guarantees absolute retention rates.

The SB filter element is a pre-filter element, that is made for retention of particles and liquids in compressed air. The sintered stainless-steel filtration material secures a high thermic durability.

Microfilter elements

The FF, MF and SMF microfilters are made with a pleated oleophobic filter media, that rejects oil and water in compressed air.

Activated Carbon elements

The AK and the AKK filters are made with a two-stage filtration. All particles are being held in a nanofiber depth filter media, while the activated carbon adsorbs all oil fumes and gaseous carbohydrates.

Ultrafilter "High-Performance filter"

In our selection of filter elements, we offer Ultrafilter "High-Performance filter". This filter solution offers a breakthrough design that makes it unique to the industry. They are built with the intention of better filtering while large savings in operating costs / energy.

"High-Performance Filter" elements can capture particles from 1 micron to 50 microns or more with a security of up to 99.9999%. The advanced plisserings technique mixed with Nano technology filters a much larger surface and thereby energy savings of up to 70%, it is precisely this technique and technology that allows "High-Performance filter" is far more effective than a standard filter.