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UD Fridgedryer autodrain


Billede: 1874

The patented ultra.dry energy-saving refrigeration dryer

Ultra.dry thermal-mass refrigerated dryer work differently than all other refrigeration dryers.

This means that the refrigeration dryer only consumes power when needed and thus reduces energy requirements by up to 80% under normal operating conditions.


Low differential guarantees additional energy savings

Air / air and refrigerant / air heat exchangers are equipped with large-diameter copper pipe. The smooth interior walls of the tubes is effective in the building of dirt, which results in a low differential pressure of ultra.dry refrigeration dryer.



The heat is transferred with innovative benefits

A specially designed heat exchanger is embedded in a thermal mass system t, which allows the heat is transferred directly through the common cooling fins of the heat exchanger for the thermal mass.

This ensures minimal energy requirements and dewpoint reliability.


Ultra.dry refrigeration dryer with auto drain

This refrigerant dryer comes with an auto drain which has much lower operating costs than drain surface or timer control.

If a timed drain leaking compressed air at 7 bar every 10 minutes for 10 seconds in a year, it will cost around € 137th Compare this to € 5 for power supply and € 0 to compressed air loss through ultra.drain.





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  Refrigeration dryer with hot gas bypass control

Patented refrigeration dryer


Flow rate in m3/h 1300 1300
Pressure dewpoint 3-4°C 3°C
Energy consumption per year in kWh 21777 9300
Energy cost per year in € 1960 837