Refrigeration Dryer

With the use of a refrigeration dryer, you can lower your dewpoint to 3°C

Refrigeration Dryer

A refrigeration dryer is designed for industrial use, to remove the water from the compressed air down to a predetermined pressure dew point. The hot and humid compressed air is directed into the dryer, where a heat exchanger and a cooling system cools the air down, entering, at a temperature of about 3°C.

A refrigeration dryer from Ultrafilter uses only approx. 50% of the energy due to a patented system.

Compressed air is used in almost all areas of industrial manufacturing in the form of energy or part of the manufacturing process. The compressed air must be dry and clean to avoid expensive production failure and repair processes.

A refrigeration dryer reduces the dew point to 3°C, which corresponds to ISO 8573-2010 grade 4 for water content. Read more about ISO-8573-2010 here.

Refrigeration Dryer 50Hz

With the introduction of ultra.dry, the new generation of energy-saving refrigeration dryers has arrived.

The new ultra.pulse technology offers important advantages in terms of energy saving, reliability and operating costs as the ultra.dry dryer is able to adapt itself to the real needs of the compressed air system.

The regulation system of the dryer controls the dryer operation granting the most energetically effective method of compressed air drying, achieving high energy saving and ensuring at the same time an excellent dew point stability also in dynamic condition.

Refrigeration Dryer UDI 60Hz

Some industries and countries use a higher frequency effect, as their standard. 60Hz instead of the European standard 50Hz. Some equipment can be used on both frequencies and a number of voltages. In the most critical industrial machines, is there a need for a set frequency and voltages on the machine. This is to guarantee the stability of the production with the equipment.

High Pressure Refrigeration Dryer UD HP

Ultra.dry HP is specially designed to meet the needs of high pressure refrigeration dryer users, and offers an operating pressure of up to 50 barg. The extremely reliable design concept ensures that ultra.dry HP works perfectly at all times and in all circumstances.