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Flow sensor

Flow Måling

Flow measuring instruments for compressed air, nitrogen and other gases can be used to analyze and monitor a single compressor or an entire compressor system performance, the quality of the compressed air or detect possible leaks in the system.

A flow sensor is easy to install and are available for different pipe sizes. On the keyboard, you can choose between the following units m3/h, m3/min., l/min., l/s, kg/h, kg/min., kg/s and cfm. The flow meter can measure up to 1.999.999.999 m3 and be reset via the keyboard.

The compressed air containing oil, water and other particles that can settle on the meter and cause errors in the measurement, so the VA 420 is specifically designed to be easy to take out and clean without removing the entire unit of measure.

UF 420 In-Line sensor (Base unit)

EUR 726,00
Item no:77440019

Ultrafilter UF 400 Flow Sensor, 160mm, Standard

EUR 1.750,00
Item no:77440016

Ultrafilter UF 400 Flow Sensor, 220mm, Standard

EUR 1.750,00
Item no:77440006

Ultrafilter UF 400 Flow Sensor, 400mm, Standard

EUR 1.849,00
Item no:77440018

Ultrafilter UF 400 Flow Sensor, 300mm, Standard

EUR 1.849,00
Item no:77440017

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