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To achieve an environmentally friendly compressed air system and decrease your expenses for disposal of waste products by using a condensate drain, and an oil/water separator.

Excess water from the compressed air system contains oil and other lubricants. The oil then needs to be separated from the condensate, before the condensate is released out into the nature again. This can be done with a condensate drain, that makes sure that the remaining oil content is under 10 ppm

Forskel på dræn typer

Type Features
UAD Auto Drain, automatic opening when needed, no consumption of compressed air. Economical.
Float Drain Standard drain as seen in all our Ultrafilter filter housings.
Timer Drain A timer drain opens and closes on planned times. Very safe. Uses compressed air.
Ultra-Sep Oil / water separator. The condensate is separated into oil and water so the water can be discharged safely.