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Compressed air filters

Billede: 1702

Ultra Filter air filter housings consist of a three-piece construction and patented high-performance and filter elements specially designed for filtration of compressed air.

The requirements for clean compressed air and technical gases rising all the time, like the desire to become more energy efficient. With the new pleated Ultrafilter high-performance air filters can reduce energy costs by up 70%, while you get an improved filtration performance.

The new type of air filter is more effective (99.998% of particles removed), because. The new Nano-fiber material and elmenterne have pleats which give the filter 4.5 times larger surface than a standard filter, and this helps to remove particles, water and oil from the compressed air.

Type Filtration rate Effectivity Residual oil content at an inlet of 3 mg/m3 Max. differential pressure Start-up differential pressure
PE 25 my 99% N/A 2 bar at 20°C 0,01 bar
FF 0,01 my 99,999% 0,1 mg/m3 5 bar at 20°C 0,04 bar
MF 0,01 my 99,99998% 0,03 mg/m3 5 bar at 20°C 0,08 bar
SMF 0,01 my 99,99999% <0,01 mg/m3 5 bar at 20°C 0,09 bar
 AK N/A N/A 0,003 mg/m3 2 bar at 20°C 0,07 bar

The filter elements are available in the types PE, FF, MF and SMF, AK see more of the filter elements here.

Filterhuset har en forventet levetid og garanti på 10 år.

The filter housing has a life expectancy and warranty of 10 years.
The filter housing is made of aluminum and has BSP / DIN flange as standard connection, also has some of the lowest differential pressure within the compressed air industry. (TÜV report).

Technical data for filterhousing
Operating pressure max. 16 bar
Operating temp. Max. 120°C
Material housing: Aluminium
Surface finish Epoxy resin
Energy cost monitor Plastic
Sealing Perbunan
Screw locking ring Aluminium

Modular concept and wall mounting

The robust ends of connection makes it possible for filter housings, to be combined, in a safe and simple way with a uniform surface.
Similarly, the Individual filter housings or in combination be fixed using powerful mounting bracket. The distance between the filter and the surface of the fixture can be adjusted as needed.

Major advantages of the system:

  • • Low differential pressure
  • • Improved filtration efficiency
  • • Increased retention capacity
  • • 70% lower energy costs
  • • Secure and easy connectivity with a modular concept
  • • Flexible wall mount
  • • Superior construction of the three-part filter housing
  • • Quality Products with 10 years working warranty

High Performance Nano Filter element

The new ultra.air High Performance filter element achieves an efficiency of 99.99998% thanks to the unique combination of binder free Nano-fiber, non woven fabric and plisseringsteknologi. This brilliant innovation, ensuring an energy reduction of 70%.