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Compressed air » Breathing air

Breathing air filter

Åndemiddel Filter

Air-Fed air from the air compressor can be used where there is a low oxygen concentration (less than 17% vol.) Or the ambient air is not suitable for breathing air.

The Danish working environment authority has prepared an AT-guidance regarding Compressed air breathing apparatus D. 5.1 by July 2000.

AT manual describes in requirements for breathing air quality. It also commands a check of this (should be at least 1 time per year).

Example analysis journal

More about the laws surrounding breathing air here

UF Breathing Air Floor-Unit - 4 users

EUR 616,00
Item no:100451

Breathing Air System UDDA 002 7.20 m3/h +Filter

EUR 2.696,00
Item no:A-UDDA002F

Breathing Air System UDDA 045 162.0 m3/h +Filter

EUR 5.921,00
Item no:A-UDDA045F

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