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Aftercooler is the first step after the compressor, where the compressed air is being cooled with the air around it, or water. This is done so the water content of the compressed air can be removed via aftercooler and cyclone.

Today aftercoolers are normally built into the compressor and it is therefore not necessary with this step. However, it still has uses like sand blowing and other areas, where this filtration of compressed air is the most used.

Air cooled aftercooler

The aftercoolers that is in the AfterCooler AIR series uses the air around the cooler, to cool the released compressed air at the compressor at an exit temperature of only 10° C higher than the surrounding temperature. This cooling makes condensate of up to 80 % of the moisture in the compressed air. The condensate is then being collected and dispersed in the cyclone, that is installed at the aftercoolers drain.

Water-cooled aftercooler

Aftercoolers from the AfterCooler Water series allows for efficient cleaning of compressed air by cooling the air at the drain of the compressor, and has a drain temperature of only 10°C higher than the inlet for process water. This cooling makes condensate of up to 80% of the moisture present in the compressed air. This condensate can then be separated by the cyclone separator, that is installed at the drain of the aftercooler. The AfterCooler Water series has a robust design adjusted for the extreme conditions with normal industrial assignments. It has a carbon steel container with cobber piping, that can also be used for seawater.