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Built In Adsorption Dryer

Builtin Dryer

UDM series adsorption dryers are designed for drying compressed air and nitrogen down to pressure dew-points of -25°C (UDM standard) to -40°C (UDM+ version) at operating pressures of 4 bar to 10 bar.

For drying the compressed air, i.e. "adsorption", the compressed air flow is led through a vessel filled with desiccant. The desiccant extracts moisture from the compressed air and stores it in its structure until the desiccant is saturated with moisture. The saturated desiccant then has to be regenerated, i.e. the moisture stored in the structure has to be "removed" before the desiccant can be used for drying again.

Continuous operation of an adsorption dryer therefore requires two vessels that are operated alternately. One vessel is used for drying the compressed air (adsorp-tion) and the other vessel for regenerating the desic-cant.

For the UDM series a certain quantity of dried com-pressed air is drawn off at the dryer outlet. This amount of compressed air is expanded to atmospheric pressure and is led through the vessel to regenerate the desiccant. The dried, decompressed air is extreme-ly dry and thus extracts the moisture stored in the des-iccant and discharges it to the atmosphere via a silenc-er (heatless regeneration).

An after-filter is integrated into the dryer vessels, which cleans the dry compressed air from dust.

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