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Adsorption dryer - Heat generated Adsorption dryer

Compressed air is used in almost all areas of industrial manufacturing as a source of energy or processing


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Why drying compressed air?

Compressed air needs to be dry, oilfree and clean in order to prevent costly production downtimes and losses in the production quality. The atmospheric air drawn in contains harmful substances, dirt particles and moisture in the form of water vapour, which condenses out in compressed air pipes and can lead to considerable damages (corrosion, freezing etc.). Beneath compressed air fridge dryer, adsorption dryer represent the most common drying method for compressed air. Maximum efficiency and the highest operational safety, coupled with low operational costs are attributes that convey the advantages of the adsorption dryer. State of the art technology and selected materials are the basis for high operational safety. Adsorption dryers are made of two - in some applications more - compressed air vessels filled with desiccant. Whilst one vessel is drying the incoming compressed air, the other vessel is regenerated. Within the range of adsorption dryers we differ between heatless regenerated dyers and heat regenerated dryers. While heatless dryers are regenerated by a partial flow of more than 15 % of the dried compressed air, heat regenerated adsorption dryers generally manages the regeneration process without compressed air consumption.


Quality products Made in Germany

In order to produce heat regenerated dryers a considerable experience is required. ultrafilter GmbH looks back on a long lasting experience in developing and producing heat regenerated adsorption dryers for different applications. Only the best components that meet the high quality standards of production are used. The Quality Assurance system according to ISO 9001 means that all appliances receive the “Quality Product” certification. All ultrafilter purification components convince by their service- and maintenance-friendly construction. ultrafilter adsorption dryer ensure highest operational safety and reliability and guarantee lowest possible total cost of ownership.



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