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Adsorption Dryers

Adsorptions dryers are made for industrial needs with a dewpoint under -40°C (-70°C)

Adsorption Dryer

Ultrafilter offers 3 different standard adsorption dryers with different functions and types with significant energy saving, thanks to the dryers stand-by function.

Our adsorption dryers meet the criteria for maintenance, which guarantees the highest efficiency and user friendliness.

What type of dryer you need to dry your compressed air, is selected from how and what the compressed air is being used for, and eventually ISO 8573-2010.

Compressed air needs to be dry, oil free and clean, to prevent costly stop in the production, and loss in production quality. The atmospheric air that is being sucked in, contains dangerous dirt particles and moisture, which condensates out into the compressed air systems, which can lead to significant damage (corrosion, freezing etc.).

Next to refrigeration dryers, adsorption dryers represents the most common drying methods for compressed air. Maximum efficiency and the highest reliability, combined with low operating costs is some of the many advantages of an adsorption dryer.

State of the art technology and selected materials is the cornerstone for high reliability. Adsorption dryers are made from compressed air containers filled with desiccant. While one container is drying the compressed air, is the other one being regenerated. In our selection of adsorption dryers, we distinguish between heatless regenerated and heat regenerated dryers. While the heatless regenerated at a part stream of more than 15 % of the dried compressed air, heat regenerated adsorption dryers generally controls the process without a compressed air usage.

Adsorption dryers gives you a great security for a clean and dry compressed air.

Ultrafilter adsorption dryers is the essence of German quality.

To produce heat regenerated adsorption dryers, you need a significant amount of experience. Ultrafilter GmbH looks back at a long experience in developing and producing heat regenerated adsorption dryers for different applications.