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Bag filters from CUNO / 3M (Filter bags)

We stock and sell food grade filter bags to the market's best prices. Gain filter in 1-5-10-25-50-100 or 200 microns.
Our filter bags are per. standard   polypropylene, but we also filter bags in various other materials such as:  

Polyester Felt 
Nylon monofilament   (in this case with the possibility of up to 1200 microns filtration) 

Specially designed plastic sealing collar ensures filter against unwanted bypass. 

We stock both   filter housings and bag filters   in the 2 most common bag sizes, 40 and 80 cm length (16 "and 32") 

See our full suite of   www.ultra-filter.dk   or contact us for more information on e-mail info@ultra-filter.com  or phone +45 82 3030 20