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ULTRA 3.2 - Ultrafiltrering

ULTRA 3.2 - Ultrafiltrering

Item no:AP-ULTRA32
EUR 4.430,00 EUR 4.430,00
Total membrane area, m2: 20
Initial capacity (25ºC), m3/h: 3,2
Number of units: 4
Rated Capacity (25º), m3/h: 1,2-2,0
Port Size (inlet/outlet/drain): G 3/4"
Overall Dimensions, mm: 1300x430x410
Weight, kg: 31
Max. working temperature: 45ºC
Membrane material: PS
Housing material of membrane & pipelines: PVC
Membrane pore size, micron: less than 0,01
Max. particle size in water fed to the system, microns: 200
Membrane unit size, mm: 90x1000 (DN20)
Power supply, VAC, VDC: 220; 12
Power consumption, Wt: 6