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AKC 0300 - 5.000 l/min - 1 1/2" AKC 0300 - 5.000 l/min - 1 1/2"

AKC 0300 - 5.000 l/min - 1 1/2"

Item no:579096
EUR 3.878,00 EUR 3.878,00
Oil vapour Steel housing with thread connection.
Max. operating pressure PN 16.
Build and approved for an operating temperature up to 60 °C.

Volume flow at 7 bar g m3/h nom.: 300
Connection: 11/2”
Activated carbon filling kg: 30
weight in kg: 82

Standard equipment: Stainless steel steam diffuser, pressure
gauge, connection nozzle for oil measurement and oil indicator.

High efficiency filter SMF is to be installed on the inlet of the
AKC to reduce oil carry-over to the activated carbon.
The compressor air must be pre-dried to a pressure dewoint of -40°C before entereing.

Recommendation: Installation of a PE or FF afterfilter.
Flow capacity depending on operating conditions.