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10 Year

Ultrafilter Skandinavien reaches a milestone of 10 Years

10 Year

This year we can celebrate our tenth birthday. And although we have also been hit by the Corona crisis, Ultrafilter is a company with lots of progress. For example, in 2019/2020 we set a revenue record, just as we have been a Børsen Gazelle company for the past two years.

However, this has not always been the case. We established the company the year after the end of the financial crisis. That is, without customers and orders in the book, but with lots of drive and positive tones from the surroundings.

The daily hard work on the Danish roads, however, quickly paid off. Ultrafilter slowly but surely gained hold of customers and orders in the books. And I still send my old Saab 900 TURBO many loving thoughts.

The many afternoons of packing orders and sending the same showed us that there was a basis for setting up a webshop. And in 2011, the shop was a reality. After that, Ultrafilter became a real online company. Today we have shops in four different countries and more than 200,000 visitors a year. We have an export share of 70% directly and indirectly to the whole world. Our product range was not that big at first, as we only had Air products, but this was to change later.

In 2012 we were able to hire our first employee and eight years later Ultrafilter can recruit six employees. The new employees have enabled us to expand our product range to include filtration of Air, water and liquid products.

The turnover record and Gazelle prices are largely due to our quality products, but also our presence at the many fairs in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. In addition, the redevelopment and expansion of the premises in Søndersø - where storage capacity has been established - has also played an important role.

Last but not least, our good employees have a significant share in Ultrafilter's continued progress, as they make a fantastic effort every single day. That's why we can look forward to the future - and the many opportunities it offers.