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FRP - High Flow FilterLæs Her
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Gross 10" Jumbo Housing, 1", 5µm element Save
Gross 10" Jumbo Housing, 1", 5µm element
Item no:AP-D039
EUR 103,00EUR 90,00EUR 90,00
UHF Housing FRP - (1 x 60") -   A
UHF Housing FRP - (1 x 60") - A
Item no:UFH60FRPA
EUR 1.068,00EUR 1.068,00
RO-MCR 90 - RO anlæg Save
RO-MCR 90 - RO anlæg
Item no:AP-RO-MCR-90
EUR 1.489,00EUR 1.422,00EUR 1.422,00
Dryer: UDI 0264 - 4,4 m3/min - 1" (Time drain) Save
Dryer: UDI 0264 - 4,4 m3/min - 1" (Time drain)
Item no:UDI0264
EUR 2.261,00EUR 2.035,00EUR 2.035,00
Compact Adsorption Dryer UDD 015 - 56.30 m3/h Save
Compact Adsorption Dryer UDD 015 - 56.30 m3/h
Item no:A-UDD015
EUR 2.104,00EUR 2.053,00EUR 2.053,00
P-EG 0144 DIN Flange Housing - DN65 (20/30) Save
P-EG 0144 DIN Flange Housing - DN65 (20/30)
Item no:74860
EUR 2.787,00EUR 2.419,00EUR 2.419,00
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Compressed Air

Compressed air contains water, oil and particles, therefore it is a good idea to filter your air before it is used. The quality of the compressed air depends on how and where to use compressed air. Ultrafilter offers all types of filtration.

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Sterile Air & Steam

Using compressed air in controlled environments often requires a finer filtering. Ultrafilter has an extensive range of sterile filtration for all types of process air.

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Gas filtration

Ultrafilter offers highly economical nitrogen generator and systems from small nitrogen generator units to large tonnage nitrogen plants suitable for refining, chemical processing and other applications.

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There are filtering solutions for both large and small productions of everything from the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic chemical products. Filter housings in stainless steel for high and low flow.

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Water Treatment

Drinking water from waterworks is generally clean, but there may be other reasons why you would like to use some form of water treatment, and our water treatment products are specialized for certain needs.

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Ultrafilter Scandinavia offers a wide selection of filtration products for compressed air, liquids and gas. We have stock in Denmark and from here we distribute all of our products to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Ultrafilter Scandinavia is a part of the Ultrafilter group. Production is in Germany and we have several subsidiaries in Europe and the United States.